Monday, July 19, 2010


Because no new entries have been posted for about two weeks, I feel a tad sorry for the blog. Thus I thought I'd post something here to reduce the unfortunate vibe.

Before anything, I realised I didn't post an update for the previous entry which is supposed to say SPAIN WON THE WORLD CUP *world-domination-triumphant-laughter* And, of course, I won my bet. Unfortunately, again, it's not, pfft..

Right. Title check.

The other day, a friend asked me if there were anything of the past that I have regretted. When I thought about it, I could quote Frank Sinatra's "Regrets, I've had a few...". Who doesn't, right? I guess it's simply a matter of learning from the regrets and move on. Let bygones be bygones, live and let live, all that cliché.

One of the most common regrets I sometimes have is when I'm bored with my work. The "I should have just gone back and did something else..." and the "What the heck am I doing?" thoughts. But those come and go so fast, they don't really bother me.

I think one of my regrets was that some things in the past ended on a sour note. Ugly crap. And since I'm tired of being the one who is always so forgiving (read doormat) I just thought "Screw all" and severed all ties. Sometimes I do think about it, like, was it actually worth it? "What if the same thing happened in a different way? A less ugly way?" I wouldn't know. But after so long, you know, whatever.

Maybe the answer all these while was: Yes, it really wasn't worth it.

So. Screw All.

Monday's musings.

Tomorrow shall be Tuesday's thoughts (duh).

"We seldom regret the things we do in life, only the things we don’t do."

Monday, July 12, 2010

¡Viva España!

World Cup 2010 Finals Checklist:

Red t-shirt - checked
Red and yellow rubberbands - checked
Spanish dictionary - checked
Red and yellow gummy bears - checked

¡VAMOS España!

This is how I am watching the finals match:

Am streaming ESPN on Sopcast but it lags more than one minute, so to ensure I get accurate live results, I need to watch the live scoreboard on Yahoo!

The stuff I do once in many years.

What a match. Half-time 0-all. De Jong got only a yellow card for kung fu kicking Alonso in the chest. WTH.

Back to the game,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Almost-End of Every-Four-Years Football

I think I have not written an entry regarding the mega-hyped world-stage football competition, so since it's coming to a close soon (and we can all rest easy till 2014), I thought I'd share some of my World Cup 'fun' since it started.

That and also I somehow woke up early and can't go back to sleep :P

So, firstly there is Paul the Psychic Octopus, whom everyone has been either skeptical of, or smitten with, till he chose Spain over Germany. Then everyone didn't want to believe him. Then they lost. Then they started talking about Sushi. Poor Paul...all he did was choose the mussel from the winner's box.

And then there's me, but then you don't see any hype over me, do you? Maybe that's because I am not a cephalopod mollusk, and I do not have eight extremities. But I have been right all these while. So far in every match, the team I've rooted for has won.

For the record:
  • The Dutch Oranges' victory over the Japanese Sushi earned me a dinner.
  • The German Bratwurts' triumph over the Argentinian Sunshines won me RM30. (I was right about the English Muffins too, but unfortunately, I didn't make anyone bet with me.)
  • The Red Fury's trouncing of the German Bratwurts got me a RM50 shopping spree.
  • The worst was the tie between the Portuguese Cherries with the Brazillian Bananas.
  • And of course the time when I was conned into betting on the Uruguay Sunbeams over the Dutch Oranges, although I have specifically said that I was rooting for them Oranges.
OctoPaul ain't that awesome, you know. However, I do refer to him occasionally. So, what's my take on the Finals? I hope I don't jinx it by blogging about it, but I bet everyone know by now that I am always a supporter of the Spanish Red Fury. They are the only team that I have not given any ridiculous names to.

Rafa says: We Matadors are going to tame those Orange Bulls*!

*Anyone ever noticed that the Dutch plays really rough? So carabaos, I tell you...hence the bull metaphor.

¡La Furia Roja va a ganar!

Monday, July 5, 2010

An Ode to Shoes Pt. II

Here's a fact that's oh-so-true,
A girl can never have 'nuff shoes,
A pair of pumps, or maybe two,
A different pair of every hue.

One for pavement, one for court,
One for fun, it's just for sport.

Flip-flops just to shuffle around
Two blacks, and a gold that's sound.

Sandals for the stylish casual,
Gladiators, and beaded ankles,
Embroided canvas espadrilles,
They make walking so glamourous.

Flats are also all-the-hype,
Leather, gold, or canvas stripes.

Black pumps are a staple must,
For work and the formal fuss.
Four pairs I have, I kid you not,
Three and a half inches, they're so hot.

A zebra pair that's just too sexy,
A pair of boots that's oh-so-cosy.
I've just realised the amount of shoes,
EIGHTEEN, omigosh it's true!

Author's Note: I conclude that I have not really regrown much brain cells since the previous post earlier today thus leading to the urge of concocting this nonsensical rhyme. Also the picture shows one-third of all of them mentioned in the poem. This is a strategy so as to a) not freak everyone out, b) not show-off, and c) I was lazy to go downstairs to bring up the other shoes.

I also promise that I shall not blog about shoes anymore.

Unless I get a pair of new running shoes seeing as my old ones are giving me some kind of feet torment.

Hugs and kisses,

An Ode to Shoes

I don't usually write about shallow stuff like this, but once in a while, a girl has to succumb to her love for shoes and the phrase "We were meant for each other!".

Oh Roxy Fiesta Sandals, you were definitely meant for me!

It was love at first sight, when I first set eyes on the pair of white embroidered espadrilles a while back, when it was on the New Arrival shelf. After a whole lot of admiring, a quick peek at the price tag confirms that "No! I'm sorry, but I can't have you!"

RM239.90 for a pair of dress shoes? No way. I'd rather spend that amount on a pair of running shoes. It's always function over form when it comes to splurging, yes sirree!

So I thought, it was "Fare thee well, oh pretty shoes."

Fast forward many months later, and I have put the shoes at the back of my mind. I came up with this random random thought of "Hey, let's go check out bikinis, just for the heck of it."

And would you believe it, them shoes are in the bargain bin going at 70% discount. SEVENTY PERCENT!!! And it was the LAST DAY of the sale (which has been going on for, apparently, a month -- which brought about this remark at me: "What have you been doing for a month? How could you not know this?")

It was "Hello my dearies..." all over again...till I discovered they were not in my size! A request was made to the other outlet, if they have the same pair in my size and... they said Yes! All seems to be good again.

After a whole lot of mucking around, we eventually went to the other outlet to claim my shoes, but would you believe it? They reserved the wrong pair! The wrong design!!! So I hurried over to the bargain bin, and as luck would have it, there is one last pair hanging miserably on a hook. I could hear them calling to me "Save us...oh please, save us!"

And I really lucked out. It was the RIGHT SIZE! *big sigh of relief*

And just to prove how the shoes and I were meant together, someone else wanted them when they saw it on the counter. "Sorry lady, all's fair in love and war. They are MINE!!!"

Them shoes and I live happily ever after. The end.

~ ~

Right. I hope you've enjoyed my melodramatic entry. Now I shall go try regrow some brain cells.